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How To Find and Win Travel Sweepstakes

One thing we all deserve with the hectic pace of modern life – it’s a pleasant break by the sea or in Paris or Vietnam or somewhere that your heart desires.

Yet, while the cost of travel has dropped over the years – it’s still a large expense for most households and something of a luxury rather than a necessity for most.

So, instead of trying to save every penny that you have, why not try and win a vacation or travel experience?

There are so many opportunities out there to win a vacation that it seems almost impossible not to win one if you approach things in the right way.

Seriously – winning a car or a home may not be achievable for everybody but winning a vacation?

Everybody can win a vacation.

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How To Find Travel Sweepstakes

Of course, our first recommendation is that you start here on Whole Mom. We feature 1 or 2 vacation prizes every day and often many more. In fact, there are more vacations advertised every day as sweepstakes prizes than we can feature on here at the moment.

A lot more.

There are so many vacations to be won out there that with a little effort, we think that everyone can win a vacation – if they want to.

Good places to find vacation prizes include: the local grocery store or supermarket. There’s nothing that makes big brands happier than to give away vacations.

Yet, if you have to buy a product and send away to enter – we can guarantee that there will be far fewer entries than for an equivalent wholly online sweepstakes. That means a much better chance for you to win a vacation.

You should also check the travel press, photography press, and in fact, any kind of magazine or flyer that you come across. Travel prizes can be found pretty much everywhere and specialist press also reduces the number of entries – and again boosts your chances to win that dream vacation.

Finally, we recommend keeping an eye on the tourist board websites of the destinations you most want to visit. They often run sweepstakes of their own and sponsor sweepstakes on other websites. We’ve found that tourist board sponsored sweeps often have the fewest entries of them all and that means they’re you’re best bet for winning a vacation.

How To Win Travel Sweepstakes

OK, finding travel sweepstakes is all well and good but how do you go about actually winning them?

Well, if you follow our tips – we guarantee that you’ll eventually be packing your bags for a super destination without ponying up a single cent for it.

Sadly, we can’t guarantee when you’re going to win; it might be the first time you enter but, in our experience, for most people it happens when they least expect it and often after a long period of entering travel sweepstakes.

Step 1: Be Choosy

We wouldn’t advise being choosy if you want to win a car or a house – there aren’t enough of those sweepstakes to go round. But there are loads and loads of vacations to be won and that means you ought to be choosy about the sweepstakes you enter.

Don’t enter for the sake of it. If you love nothing more than a beer and a burger after work, you probably don’t want to win a vegan cleansing vacation in rural Indonesia.

Only enter vacation sweepstakes where you want the vacation. Most sweepstakes will not let you take a cash equivalent of the prize; so, if you don’t want to go, don’t enter.

Step 2: It’s A Numbers Game

We’d estimate that vacations typically attract about 3,000 entries. That’s enough that it feels like a remote possibility of winning but if you entered 5 travel sweeps a day, every day for a year – that would be over 1,800 entries of your own. Do it for two years and that’s 3,600 entries.

The law of averages says that you’re going to win sooner or later based on just those odds. The more travel sweepstakes that you enter – the more chances you have to win, the faster that you’re going to pick up a free vacation (or more than one – I once won two vacations on the same day, from different sweeps!).

We’ve also found that some travel sweepstakes get far fewer than 3,000 entries, far fewer. The tourist board sponsored sweeps seem to create particularly low interest, even though they tend to offer the best accommodation of any sweeps group.

Step 3: Boost Your Chances Of Winning With Referrals

This is our number one tip for any type of sweepstakes. If you really want to win, you can massively improve your chances of winning by referring other people to sweeps for bonus entries.

In fact, if you can find sweeps that offer more than one bonus entry for every person you refer – then you want to refer absolutely everyone you can think of. Think about it. If the sweeps offers 5 entries for every referral and you refer 100 friends. They’d have 100 entries and you’d have 501 entries out of roughly 3,000! That means you’d have a 1 in 6 chance of winning your vacation!

Don’t spam or hassle people to enter on your referral link but do put it out there. Who knows when you or your friends might get lucky?


We can’t think of a better category of sweeps to be persistent with. Travel sweepstakes are eminently winnable. It’s just a matter of entering in large volumes and doing it for long periods of time. You can boost your chances of winning by referring other people when the rules allow for it too.

Most importantly, there are enough travel sweepstakes out there that you can afford to pick and choose. If you want to go somewhere warm – focus on Hawaii, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. and sooner or later, you’ll be laying on the beach with a drink in your hand and without spending any money at all!