PCH Sweepstakes

PCH Sweepstakes

Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH) Sweepstakes: Everything You Need To Know

The most famous name in American sweepstakes is Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH).

They’ve been going since 1953 (apart from a couple of speed bumps in the road) and everybody we know has questions about them.

So, we’re going to give you the lowdown and tell you everything you need to know about PCH sweepstakes:

History of PCH

The company was founded by Harold Mertz and was based out of his home for a few years. When he started selling some magazines in serious volumes, he moved into an office building.

It wasn’t, however, until 1967 that they finally started offering sweepstakes. Their very first sweepstakes offered a prize of up to $10 and you had a 1 in 10 chance to win.

The prizes went up over time from $10 to $5,000 to $250,000 and then in 1985 when AFP (American Family Publishers) PCH’s only competitor offered $1 million, PCH went 10 times bigger with $10 million.

They gave out over $137 million in prizes in the year 2000.

However, it is fair to say that this wasn’t the smoothest road and PCH (and for that matter AFP) often ended up in hot water with the law for misleading terms in their sweepstakes.

Today, PCH is still offering some of the largest jackpots in sweepstakes history.

How Do I Enter PCH sweepstakes?

This YouTube video should help you walk through the process of entering.

You can find many of the PCH sweeps on their homepage.

You can also find a long list of details on how to enter their sweeps on this page of their customer help portal.

Do people actually win PCH sweepstakes?

Yes, though they don’t win the big money prizes very often and when they do win. They often choose not to go public with their details. So, it’s not possible to give you a list of winners but we do know that Natalie Bostelman, went public in 2008, and has been an ambassador for PCH ever since.

The odds for a top prize pay out are in the billions to one range and you’re more likely to win the lottery than a PCH top prize but that doesn’t mean there are no winners. People win the lottery regularly and they win PCH prizes regularly too.

The smaller prizes they give away are won very regularly and it’s fair to say that it ought to be possible for everyone to win something from PCH in the course of their lifetime.

How Does PCH Pick A Winner?

PCH says that they use 2 methods of picking winners:

  • Matching winning numbers. In some of their sweeps every entrant is issued with a number or numbers. There is a sealed winning number that is opened when the sweeps end. If the person with the matching number claims against the winning number, they get the prize. PCH has no idea of the winning number until the day the sweeps finishes, so nobody can cheat.

  • Random drawings. They pre-qualify all entries by hand to make sure they meet the t’s and c’s of the draw. Then on the day of the winner announcement a wining draw is made by computer.

Is PCH A Scam?

No, PCH is not a scam. However, they do sail close to the wind with their advertising and marketing materials and the odds of winning a big money prize are very low, indeed.

However, most of their draws are free to enter and thus, it can’t hurt if you have a few minutes to spare to try and win. If you short on time though, we think there are better places to enter sweepstakes out there.

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