30 Minute Recipe: Kimchi Fried Chicken


We’re creating what we hope will be a long list of quick and easy recipes. Check back regularly for fast, easy, healthy whole food ideas the entire family will love!

This quick and delicious Korean-inspired chicken recipe, featuring kimchi (fermented cabbage) and Gochujang (fermented red chili condiment) – both available at any Korean grocery store –  is spicy, so not ideal for little ones. But great for  teens or your own lunches. Enjoy!


1 cup kimchi

1-2 tbsp Gochujang

2-4 tbsp soy sauce

2 lbs diced chicken breast

Sesame oil

Olive or Vegetable oil

Pour some vegetable or olive oil into the pan with some sesame oil. I’m not terribly inclined to measure these things. Fry the kimchi until brown. Remove from pan and set aside. Add more oil, soy sauce and Gochujang to the pan, adjusting to your taste, mixing in a little water if it’s too thick – but not too much! Just a few drops. You don’t want it liquidy – add chicken and sautee until done, coating in the mixture. Add kimchi to the pan and toss. Serve with rice – or not.

Serves 4.


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