Police Officer Writes Sweet Note to Reassure Scared Little Girls

Police_NoteThis is cute.

An Oklahoma police officer learned that the two daughters of a family friends were having trouble sleeping at night because they didn’t feel safe (I get it. I felt that way as a kid. I feel that way now, but for different reasons). So, Lt. Paul Barbour  of the Edmond Police Department left the little girls a sweet, reassuring note taped to their front door.

The note, which was posted to the EPD’s Facebook page, reads:

“Hello Ava and Aubrey, This is Lt. Paul Barbour from Edmond P.D. I work the night shift and patrol neighborhoods and look for criminal activity. We do this so people can sleep and [sic] night and not worry about their safety. I was driving through your neighborhood and everything looked good! I wanted to drop you a note to let you know all is well!

Take care, Paul Barbour.”

Barbour told  a local radio station“One of the things that probably bothers me the most is the fact that criminals can take the innocence of a child, and I don’t want that, for my kids or anybody else’s children.”

The little girls are reportedly feeling safer.

I bet that guy is a fantastic dad.

(via Huffington Post)

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