Instant Win Sweepstakes


Win Instantly

There’s a category of sweepstakes that can bring happiness in a single moment.

No, not Car Sweepstakes, although that would make us very happy, indeed! I’m talking about Instant win sweepstakes!

The good news is that they are plentiful and they’re easy to enter.  And you know whether you won immediately.

Here’s all you’ve ever need to know about Instant Win Sweepstakes.

What Are Instant Win Sweepstakes?

An instant win sweepstakes is different from most sweepstakes in a single respect. Normally, you enter a sweepstakes and then you wait until the closing date (or, in fact, just after the closing date) for the sweepstakes’ holder to conduct a draw.

Once they conduct that draw and a winner has been selected – they owner of the sweeps is obliged to contact the winner (but not everyone else who has entered) and let them know of their good fortune.

In an instant win sweepstakes, on the other hand, you enter and then they tell you immediately whether or not you’ve won a prize.

So, in effect, they’re providing instant gratification. This can be really good if you’ve been entering a ton of sweepstakes without ever hearing anything back. It’s quite motivating to get instant feedback when you enter.

We’ve also found that a lot of these instant win sweepstakes offer every entrant a prize. Sure, a can of cola may not be a big deal but it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, right? And a win is a win.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re getting burnt out by entering tons of sweeps – then it might be time for you to find some instant win sweepstakes and do those for a while for the change of pace.

How Are Instant Win Games’ Winners Chosen?

In almost all cases, an instant win game is really a game of chance and not one of skill. That means you ought to have an equal chance of winning compared to everyone else who enters the sweepstakes and the big “win” is actually a timed release.

How this works is that the sponsors of the prizes will use a computer to select random times for the big prizes to be won. The first person to play the instant win games after that point will win the prize. This means that the time you enter an instant win sweepstakes is important.

Sadly, what we can’t tell you (and nor can anyone else) is when to enter to have the best chance of winning. Though it seems logical if you only get one entry to wait a while and not enter in the first few minutes of an instant win game being open for entries.

Why Can’t You Win The Instant Win Game By Skill?

Games of skill are often governed by different legislation than games of chance and if the prize sponsor were to make the game a skill game, they might have to change the way they offered their prizes.

In reality, these games are just a novelty touch designed to help you get excited about entering and often they deliver the runner up prize (usually something very small) in a nice way too, which makes you feel better about entering and your prize.

If you don’t like the games, check around the screen many instant win games allow you to skip the game and just move on to handing over your details and seeing what you’ve won. You ought to see a “skip” link somewhere.

Do We Reccomend Instant Win Sweepstakes?

Instant win sweepstakes make a nice change from longer-term sweepstakes. We recommend using them to perk yourself up and to see if you can’t win something straight away.