Free AHA Sparkling Water Chatterbox Kit

This is super! Get a free AHA Sparkling Water Chatterbox Kit!

Try These F-AHA-BULOUS New Flavors!

In every can of AHA, you’ll discover two delicious flavors paired in a fresh and surprising way like NEW Pineapple + Passionfruit, Blackberry + Lemon and Fuji Apple + White Tea.

No sweeteners, no sodium and no calories, but AHA-LOT of flavor to put some sparkle in your day. Find them at your local Walmart.

Apply to try AHA Sparkling Water now and if selected you’ll get a great Chat Pack that includes:

  • 1 $10 Walmart gift card
  • 2 Recipe cards with 3 AHA Sparkling Water mocktail/cocktail recipes

How to Claim: Click request sample now, below, and then click APPLY NOW to get yours.

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