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$500 Kayak Paddle Sweepstakes

If you love to kayak, you’ll love this. Win a $500 paddle!

Sawyer Kayak paddles are stunning, lightweight and truly great to paddle!

Sawyer offers a full line of modern and traditional products for oarsmen, canoeists, kayakers, surfers and paddlers of all genres, delivered into your hands to provide unsurpassed function, performance and beauty. We design and handcraft every product in Talent, Oregon USA, ensuring everything we make is from the highest quality materials with careful attention to detail. We take pride in our employees, stewardship of the environment and our country. In return, you have the assurance of knowing the product you receive from us is genuine, made in America and cannot be replicated. Sawyer products are designed by paddlers, oarsmen and surfers alike to fully meet your performance needs. Pick one up today and experience “The Feel of Water!”

{US Only, 18+, Single Entry, Ends April 30, 2021}

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$1,200 Food & Wellness Bundle Sweepstakes

Don’t eat it all at once! Win over $1,200 of Health and Wellness Products and Gift Cards!

Grummies Real Food Gummies Prize Package

$250 Gift Card to Tiny Rituals

$250 Gift Card + a 1:1 Meditation Session from nadii

6-Month Supply of honeycomb Luxury ($136 value)

$200 from Woman’s World

$300 Gift Card to Lauren’s All Purpose

{US Only, 18+, Single Entry, Ends April 30, 2021}

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Kayak And Motor Sweepstakes

Win a $1,500 kayak and motor and rudder! Go your own way!

The Bass 100 borrows from the classic “Jon” boat concept, an open platform to build upon as they did in the “good ‘ol days”, when DIY (do-it-yourself) was not a hobby, but a way of life. Jonny Boats blends this classic concept with modern boat and kayak technology offering a highly customizable base model ready for multiple outfitting options whether you choose to paddle it or outfit with a motor. From DIY or ready-to-go off the shelf kits and individual accessories to adding your own outboard or trolling motor – the possibilities are endless. No matter how you do it, Go Your Own Way!

{US Only, 18+, Single Entry, Ends April 15, 2021}

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