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How To Find Cash Sweepstakes and How To Win Cash Sweepstakes

Whose life wouldn’t be transformed if a check for $1 million came in the mail?

Well, maybe Warren Buffet or Bill Gates but for the rest of us, the idea of winning a huge cash pay-out is a big deal.

The good news? There are always companies giving away money as prizes in sweepstakes.

The less good news? You’re going to have to work a little if you want to win some.

How Hard Is It To Win Some Money?

Well, it depends on how much money.

There are dozens of draws a day giving away $50-$500.

Sometimes, it’s cash, sometimes a check and often it’s a gift card.

It’s not that hard to win one of these prizes.

In fact, we’ve found from our own research that these low value cash prizes often have very little competition.

You may even find they only get 500-1,000 entries per sweeps. That means you can pretty much guarantee winning a smaller cash prize every now and again just by entering a lot of sweeps.

The bigger cash prizes, however, attract a lot more interest. When the prizes hit $1,000+ the entries go up a bit, after $10,000+ they go up a lot. That means that nobody can guarantee that you’re going to hit the jackpot.

But… there are ways to significantly improve your chances of winning a cash sweepstakes.

How To Find Cash Sweepstakes?

We regularly include cash sweepstakes right here on Wholemom. In fact, we try to bring you one every day (though some days we just can’t find a big money cash pot). That’s because we know that your time is precious, and you don’t want to spend the rest of your life looking for cash sweepstakes.

However, let’s be straight about this – there’s no way that we could find every available cash sweepstakes in the country either. In fact, if you’re serious about winning some big money, you’ve got to spend a little time looking for them yourself.

Hit up your local grocery store to begin with. Many brands will post their big money sweeps on the sides of their products. We don’t recommend that you start buying stuff that you don’t need but we do recommend that you buy products you would normally buy and get free entries into their cash sweepstakes.

Some products won’t require a purchase to enter the cash sweeps, but most will. Read the rules on the packet in the store and save yourself from buying anything that you don’t need.

And speaking of rules: it’s important that you follow the rules when you enter a cash sweeps. If you’re disqualified when you enter, you’re not going to take any prizes home.

How To Win Yourself Some Cash Sweepstakes

The golden rule of all sweeps is this: you cannot win sweeps that you do not enter. If you are serious about getting paid for free, then you need to get serious about entering as many cash sweeps as you can.

Much of winning is simply a numbers game. The more entries you have the higher your chances of winning something become. Enter just one sweeps? Your chances of winning might be 1 in 100,000 in many cases.

But enter 1,000 sweeps and all of a sudden, your odds become much more favourable. We’re pretty certain that anyone can enter 3 cash sweeps every day and that would mean more than 1,000 entries per year.

OK, now we’ve got that out of the way these our other 3 tips for winning yourself a cash sweepstakes or two.

Tip 1: Always Follow The Rules of Cash Sweepstakes

We know that this can be frustrating. But you simply aren’t going to win a prize if you haven’t followed the rules of entry. Many of our Canadian readers, for example, feel it’s unfair that they are excluded from U.S.A. contests but sadly, there’s no point in entering them anyway – if you won, you’d just be disqualified and lose your prize.

That means read all the instructions carefully. You want to know what you must do and what you must not do. If you can’t comply, don’t enter. It’s easiest not to waste your time filling in forms that can’t bring you money.

Tip 2: Hard Work Will Win You Some Cash

The more complicated the entry process. The fewer people who will enter. If you want to boost your chances of winning a big money sweepstakes – you have to get into the sweeps that are more difficult to enter.

Essays, riddles, photographs, even multiple-choice questions or surveys, all of these things deter entries and all of them mean that the determined would-be winner can seriously increase their hopes of a bundle of cash. Endure a little pain and enter the hard-to-enter sweeps.

Tip 3: Always Get Your Referral Entries For Cash Sweepstakes

If a contest gives you additional entries for referring other people; grab them. If they give you more than one entry per person you refer – make sure you contact everyone you know to enter.

This is a way to hugely increase the odds of a prize win. If you get 10 entries for every person you refer, and you refer 100 people – you now have 1,001 entries against 100 for the people you referred.

Don’t be scared of referrals, they’re your secret weapon to win money.

Tip 4: Keep Going Even When You Want To Quit

We’ve already said it. Most of winning is in entering a ton of sweepstakes. The more you enter, the more likely you will win. Never quit until you have what you want. You will win eventually. It just takes time.


When you want to win money, focus on that. Don’t get distracted by prizes that you don’t need or want. Get your head into the game and find every possible money-making sweepstakes and enter. Follow the rules, do the hard work, use referrals and keep going – your big win is just around the corner.