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Beauty Sweepstakes: What’s Out There And How To Win Them

One of the most popular categories of sweepstakes out there is beauty sweepstakes. We’ve broken these down into three separate categories so that we can take a look at how you might improve your chances of winning what you really want to win.

We’ve found that one of the things that helps people win the prizes they want is to develop a sweepstakes strategy that targets the things they want and is combined with a daily routine to get the most out of your sweepstakes’ time.

You should:

  • Enter one-time sweepstakes and then note them so you don’t enter them twice

  • Check Whole Mom every day to see if you can find new sweeps

  • Enter all your daily sweeps and make a note when they’re done too

  • Diarize entries for weekly and monthly sweeps entries so you don’t miss them

This will ensure that you get the most “bang for buck” out of your sweeps entering time and give you the best chances of winning beauty sweepstakes and, indeed, any other kind of sweepstakes.

So, now we’ve looked at the best strategies for winning, let’s take a quick look at the different categories of beauty sweepstakes: makeup, perfume and jewelry.

Makeup Sweepstakes

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to win any makeup sweepstakes to get free makeup. So, before you start entering the sweeps – you might want to go to the freebies page on and make sure that you’re not missing out on any giveaways.

Most of the items features on the freebies page can be picked up online without even having to visit a store.

Speaking of stores, did you know that you can get free makeup in department stores? It’s easy to go and talk to the salesperson on each stand and ask if they have any free samples. You’d be amazed at how happy they are to give you some stuff in the hopes that you come back.

We’d also note that if you’re into coupons, clipping coupons from your favorite Sunday paper can also pay dividends in free makeup.

However, if you want to win yourself some free makeup then you’ll want to start by checking out sweeps postings every day because we have plenty of makeup offers each week.

When you’ve exhausted our postings, it’s a good idea to take a walk around your favorite makeup stores and check their promotional literature. These offer plenty of sweeps opportunities and the good news is that because they’re offered offline – there will be fewer entrants for makeup sweepstakes you find in store. That means a higher chance to win.

Almost all of the popular brands run makeup sweeps across the course of the year – so if you don’t win today, tomorrow might be your lucky day!

Perfume Sweepstakes

We confess that we don’t feature as many perfume sweepstakes here on Whole Mom as we’d like to and that’s because there are nowhere near as many perfume sweepstakes as there are makeup sweepstakes.

However, based on our own numbers, fewer people seem to enter perfume sweepstakes than makeup sweepstakes, so it probably all averages out in the end.

It’s worth knowing that you don’t need to win in order to get free perfume. We regularly have freebies in our freebies section which offer some really good perfume sampler kits delivered to your front door for no charge whatsoever.

In fact, it’s often the biggest brand names that offer perfume freebies online which means that even their sample kits are quite valuable to you.

It’s also possible to get free perfume samples in department stores though you’ll need to get your timing right and there may not be as many sales reps with perfume samplers as makeup samplers but if you combined your visit to try and get both, you have nothing to lose by trying.

You may also find that, as with makeup, you can obtain some free perfume samples by clipping coupons in your Sunday newspaper though there won’t be as many perfume offers as makeup offers.

However, you should check’s sweepstakes section daily because as soon as we see a perfume sweepstakes, we try to share the news with our readers straight away.

Also, you might want to try the individual perfume brands’ websites to see if there’s a perfume sweeps or two that flew under our radar. It’s possible.

Jewelry Sweepstakes

Do you want to know what the most popular item that people try to win in sweepstakes is on our website? Engagement rings.

Sadly, jewelry sweeps are much rarer than makeup sweeps and possibly even rarer than perfume sweepstakes too.

Jewelry sweepstakes are, usually, for much higher value prizes and that means they tend to attract more entries than the other two categories of beauty sweepstakes.

Which means that if you want to win jewelry, you’re going to need to enter more sweeps than you might in other categories and we’d strongly recommend that if you really want to win that you search out jewelry prizes which offer “refer a friend” bonus entries.

If you post your bonus entry links on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. with a clear explanation as to why you want to win – you may find that you family and friends are only too happy to pitch in and help you win.

After all, most people want to see their friends, sons and daughters married, for example, and are going to be delighted if they can add an entry or two to make that happen for you.

Final Thoughts on Beauty Sweepstakes

There are a ton of beauty sweepstakes out there to choose from and one of your very best sources of these prizes is right here on

It’s worth remembering that you can get free makeup and perfume without even entering a sweepstakes and you should check our freebies pages regularly for this too.

Winning jewelry requires a bit more dedication than the rest and the best way to boost your chances is to find sweeps that have refer-a-friend entries and then refer your friends. Good luck!