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NCP-New-PostJoin Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel and win up to $20,000! Plus, earn valuable points which are redeemable for electronics, household items, jewelry, toy, gift cards, and more! Join And Win!

Once you become a NCP panel member all you have to do is scan and send them your household purchase information every week with a handheld scanner that they provide. For each week of the month NCP receives your purchase information, you will earn one entry into the Monthly Sweepstakes where you can win a $500 American Express Rewards Card. That’s up to FOUR entries every month! Every month, 25 panel members win! Join!

Plus, For each week in a qualifying quarter NCP receives your purchase information you will earn one entry into their Grand Prix Sweepstakes where you can win $20,000! Every quarter one lucky panel member wins! Enter To Win!

That’s not all… Every quarter an additional 40 panel members win a $500 American Express Rewards card just by sending purchase information in every week of a month. Join!

So many ways to win! Join NCP Now!

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About Trish

Chanya "Trish" Mitchell is a Whole Mom Blogger and mother of 2 boys and a girl. Trish divides her time between Ottawa, Canada and Chiangmai, Thailand. Trish is dedicated to a sustainable, attainable lifestyle.


  1. Virginia Peiffer says:

    I. Need money to help me out

  2. Virginia Peiffer says:

    ritgt now and 20,000. Would be such a comfort.

  3. dglvsdlphns1 says:

    that money would really help my family to get a bigger place to live.

  4. CarlTodasco says:


  5. hangontite2000 says:

    I’ve been trying for months to enter and always get message that they are not hiring new people in my area.

  6. CynthiaMBarnett says:

    i want win i love jewlery myself .

  7. TimothyHelmer says:


  8. Try try and try again

  9. DonnaWilliams1 says:

    Om praying I win to pay debts and buy new furniture and appliances.

  10. DayGarrett says:

    This would be nice if could win this one.

  11. show me the money

  12. LindaMarshall says:

    $20,000.00 can go along ways for the Moms that are living in Madras, Metolius, and Culver towns are in shelters or homeless all can share this prize. And to the churches that help out for the Moms need help. And maybe a little for Ms. Linda Marshall and her family of pets because of there hearts of giving. god Bless.

  13. It’s sad money stands in the way of people living life to the fullest. Nobody should be without homes, food, clothing, electricity or water at this point. The human race, most of them anyway, seriously needs to grow up.

  14. Amen to what StarDust said. Every man woman and child has a GOD given right to live a happy life. Free of hunger, free of discrimination, and free of pain.

  15. LindaMarshall says:

    Be the one to “Pay It Forward”.

  16. UNTRUE

  17. UNTRUE

  18. Dreams can come true!

  19. transcribingdot says:

    I have had many prayers answered  to meet needs, and I am hoping that this is just one more.  God has sustained me.

  20. try try and try again

  21. rip off

  22. every living creature has to provide for itself

  23. I’m looking

  24. Fantastic opportunity! Many thanks. :)

  25. every living creature should take care of itself–(stand on your own 2 feet)

  26. winning=wonderful

  27. Winning is the best, so I hope I win!!

  28. Awesome contest!! :)

  29. Way to go Trish!!

  30. Would be nice to win.Goodluck Everybody.

  31. Denise Files says:

    WOW!! I would just LOVE to win this grand prize. Way to go Trisha!! : )

  32. Joined for 6 months and never received anything. Even took my points that I had earned. Only thing I could have got anyway was a stick on laptop cover. What a joke.

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