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Enter now and get a chance to win a Can-Am Spyder RS SE5 worth $16,399. {US/CA Only, No PR, Single Entry, Ends May 20, 2014, Facebook Only} Enter here!

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  1. charlene sander says:

    These bikes are amazing! I would love to be seen riding it with my girlfriend.

  2. Want one!

  3. David W. Jamison says:

    I have ridden m/c’s all of my life, but can no longer just jump on any bike due to a car accident. But, I could ride a Can-Am due to the many safety features that most riders don’t even take into thought.For me to win this bike, would be to regain my freedom. I would love nothing more than to put my wife on the back and be able to take a long trip without worrying about where I could or could not go.. Truly this would be the ultimate dream come true for this southern biker .

  4. scott finger says:

    This is the only ride I can go on my self do to my disability I can’t ride two wheelers asnymore last time I entered to win this I never won I had my hope up very high but had to remind my self its a very hard thing to win its a beautiful ride for sure good luck every one and thanks for the chance

  5. I would love to win this bike for me and my husband we can ride anywhere and now that our girl are over 25 and do there own thing we can getaway by ourselves so let me win thank you so much. Irene Ascencio

  6. David Piwowarczyk says:

    let me win and meet DANICA PATRICK

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