Win A Honda Odyssey

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Here’s a chance to win a 2013 Honda Odyssey! Plus there are many other prizes up for grabs! Enter To Win!

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Chanya "Trish" Mitchell is a Whole Mom Blogger and mother of 2 boys and a girl. Trish divides her time between Ottawa, Canada and Chiangmai, Thailand. Trish is dedicated to a sustainable, attainable lifestyle.


  1. DarleneThompson says:

    I need a new vehicle really bad.

  2. Honda was my first vehicle, it seems fitting that I should win one to drive on into eternity…

  3. PattRyanOliver says:

    I’d love to win this.

  4. awesome!

  5. lisaehren says:

    I DONT HAVE A TEAM IN NV love to win unempoyed mom need a car

  6. ConnieHanson says:


  7. lisaehren says:

    so want win no team here in vegas

  8. pennie2222 says:

    Oh what a trip It’ll be my family, me, and MY ODYSSEY

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