Win a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe

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2013_Chevrolet_Camaro_CoupeOne lucky grand prize winner will drive home a Hot Wheels Special Edition 2013 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe. The prize comes with the RS package, equipped with Chevrolet MyLink, Navigation Package and automatic transmission. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $46,010. {US Only, No HI, AK, PR & VI, 18+, Single Entry, October 31, 2013} Enter the Hot Wheels For Real Camaro Sweepstakes now!

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  1. Need to win a car badly. Fixing on mine every two weeks–payday.

  2. If I win I,m junking this crappy Ford!!!

  3. determination says:

    enter me to win the Camaro WSS

  4. JulieWinstead says:

    Soooo coooollll!!!

  5. PatriciaCreasy says:

    Thanks for the entry!

  6. BethMauskopf says:

    Gotta win this!!!!

  7. tonnia crowell says:

    i WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. my  name is on this car

  9. JacalynReilly says:

    A very beautiful car!

  10. Rebecca Brantner says:


  11. determination says:

    enter me to win the car

  12. Thank you for my new car! I love it!

  13. MissMayaChayasMom says:

    Oooh, my giraffestilts/Barbie stalks sure would look sexy climbing in that baby!!! Please, please, please, let them draw my name!!! I so deserve a decent car to carpool all these kids n pets all over the county for all our educational trips and animal rescue runs!!! :) my Hyundai isn’t so sturdy :(

  14. Wow, I really could use a vehicle.   Truck will not run and car not the best.  On disability and cannot afford one.

  15. I could really use a new vehicle.  Really need a truck ours is broke down and they cannot find what is wrong with it.  But at this point cannot be choosey.  Thanks Wholemom for all your contest.

  16. Wow,, Surely is a Dream Car. My 1st Car was a Older Camaro, Back in 1978…I wish that I still owned it, It was a Real Show Stopper. I Would LOVE to Win This one!

  17. I would luv new car mine ain’t going to last long even a used one will do

  18. determination says:

    Dave P     almost 10 yrs ago my motorcycle accident and only  had friends or my wheelchair only means of transportation   A NEW CAMARO WOULD FILL THE VOID!!!!

  19. makroven2002 says:

    I sure could use another car.Mine is almost ready for the junk yard.LOL

  20. wow

  21. Outstanding vehicle. Thank you for this opportunity.

  22. WOW!!! What a car. Camaro is the BEST of the BEST!!!

  23. Beautiful car!

  24. butterfly2838 says:

    The design and graphics is awesome, would make my dreams reality….

  25. padmanarasim1 says:

    I have all toyotas:pruis & old car was lexus. Love to win this to replace my old pruis.

  26. determination says:

    choose me as the winner

  27. Someone said Camaro?  Hey, that’s the car for me!

  28. This would go perfectly with the Barbie Dream House I live in!

  29. determination says:

    let me win the Camaro

  30. STARSHINA haggins says:

    This an bad car so nice

  31. If I win I will give my present car to one of my siblings. This is a great sweepstake.

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