Win a $42,000 Kitchen Makeover

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Enter Get Harper’s Bazaar and the Home Depot Contest for a chance to win a kitchen makeover totaling up to $42,000, including Samsung Kitchen Suite (refrigerator, range, over-the-range microwave, and dishwasher), free countertop, and kitchen cabinetry remodel. {US Only, No PR & HI, Single Entry, Ends October 19, 2013} Enter here now to win a kitchen makeover.

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  1. determination says:

    let me win the kitchen makeover

  2. gravitylou1261 says:

    sure could use this.  thanks for the chance

  3. KatherineSummers says:

    would love to win this mine looks like it was made back in the 40’s

  4. It would be a good thing if I won and had a new kitchen, thanks for the chance!

  5. man mt cabinets are made out of partical board and the saw dust is coming apart ….my flooring is orange and probably from the late 70’s ….. I love the view out my kitchen window and that is about it !!!! I do not know how I would act in a new kitchen…. Probably I would invite the entire state in to see my new kitchen !

  6. It would be nice to win. I really do not have a kitchen to speak of. I don’t even have a sink. Still working on the house for seven years now. Not to mention i AM LIVING THERE

  7. My old farm house was built in 1899.  A lot of unexpected work had to be done after I bought it so even though the kitchen needed a lot of work it fell to the bottom of the list. Some of the cupboards are coming away from the wall. A lot of water runs over and around the sink which is not flush anymore because the floor isn’t level. I’ve always loved having friends and family over but I’m so embarrassed by a kitchen in such rough shape. Winning a new kitchen would be a wonderful surprise and make an old woman very happy. Thanks for the opportunity.

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