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Buick-PostIt’s up to you! What Buick would you like? Enter for your chance to win your choice of a 2014 Buick vehicle! { US Only, Single Entry Ends Dec. 31, 2013 } Enter Now!

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Chanya "Trish" Mitchell is a Whole Mom Blogger and mother of 2 boys and a girl. Trish divides her time between Ottawa, Canada and Chiangmai, Thailand. Trish is dedicated to a sustainable, attainable lifestyle.


  1. I love Buicks!  It was the first vehicle we bought when we married over 20 years ago.  Thanks T!

  2. Okay.. I know what I want and that would be the Buick Encore! My truck has been good but it is getting old (11 years) As you can see I desperately need a new set of wheels without any payments

  3. DebraMontoya says:

    I have to choose the Encore, its beautiful and smart.

  4. Marla Jones says:

    My buick is a 1989! Time for a new one :)

  5. ROBERT ALBORN says:

    My car is not a Buick, bur I would love one.  When I was 11 yrs. old my family moved from Pennsylvania to California in a 1939 Buick in 1952.

  6. Hope I win it…. We definitely need another car with my hubby being in the army!!!

  7. ROBERT ALBORN says:

    love the new Buicks.

  8. RebeccaFarish says:


  9. cottonpickincute says:

    Thanks for sharing Trish!!!  I sure could use one of Buick’s gorgous autos.

  10. SharronLaGailFreelen says:

    would love to have a new car , never had one but had a used Buick bought in 1965 had it about 10 years and just loved it  !!

  11. I really need  a new car.  Driving a 96 Grand Marquis right now and nickle and dimeing it.  Would love to win a Buick!  Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  12. Tamara richards says:

    my daughter just graduated from college and could use a new car!

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