Whole Foods Big Summer Prize $500 Giveaway

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We are very excited at Whole Mom HQ today to announce the launch of our latest greatest exclusive Whole Mom giveaway. Drum roll please… It’s called the Whole Mom Big Summer Prize $500 Whole Foods Giveaway, we’re giving away a $500 Whole Foods Gift Card, and it runs from now until the end of August. Good luck Whole Moms! Enter to win.

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About Trish

Chanya "Trish" Mitchell is a Whole Mom Blogger and mother of 2 boys and a girl. Trish divides her time between Ottawa, Canada and Chiangmai, Thailand. Trish is dedicated to a sustainable, attainable lifestyle.


  1. KathyFlahertyRose says:

    What a great food store to shop, Whole Foods!!!

  2. AllisonDorsett says:

    I wish I had the $$ to shop at my favorite store!  My work hours are cut due to a bad economy.  Desperately scraping by and tired of cheap junk food.  Love Whole Foods!!

  3. Can we enter every day or is this a one-time only during the contest period?

  4. I could really use it for my family.The prices r going way to high.and my husband just got laid off.that is my favorite store,im tired of eating junk food.cause prices r crazy.thanks your post is the best………thanks

  5. GayeMcGill says:

    Whole Foods carries a great variety of good healthy food.  I’d love to have $500 credit to stock up on groceries!

  6. could really use this.thanks


  8. Karen Beckett says:

    This would be such a wonderful contest to win!  With today’s economy, this would be a windfall for anyone! Hoping to win.

  9. dstegner1959 says:

    What a great opportunity……thanks to all who make this possible…DEb

  10. MicahDay says:

    This is awesome!

  11. Thanks so much!! Awesome Giveaway!!!

  12. marg0006 says:

    Wow, with such a tight budget this would be such a wonderful godsend.

  13. TamaraDaltonWarner says:

    This would be nice to get

  14. I would love to win food it would be great,I have such tight budget this would be such a wonderful god send

  15. JanetRoberson says:

    Would love to win this…I have never been able to afford Whole Foods.

  16. Can this be entered more than once?  I couldn’t find any rules.

  17. MarcyWilson says:

    I love Whole Foods!

  18. thank you!

  19. uniden123 says:

    Good day Trish
    Just wanted to say Hi and to Thank you for all your opportunities with your Sweepstakes.
    Jeffrey M

  20. KathyCrosby says:

    Thank you.

  21. PatitoValdez says:

    It would be nice to get one, grand opening soon in my area Oxnard, Ca. :)

  22. I love Whole Foods! Thans for the chance.

  23. MarieShuman says:

    love whole foods in jax florida hope to win for me and family tweeting @marieshuman

  24. HChandler says:

    I have such tight budget this would be a great win. I love Whole Foods!

  25. MarisaXayaboupha says:

    I love Whole Foods! Would love to win

  26. Thanks for an Awesome Giveaway! :)

  27. CalshondraWilliams says:

    I so love shopping at Whole Foods. They have great products. But since losing my job can’t really afford it any longer. I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. I’m ashamed of how much I spend there, ha ha. At least I’m supporting organic farming and they give back to the community. 😉

  29. lollylita says:

    i need to try and feed my family better im daughter is always over and shes pregnantand I just wish I had better food for her

  30. damndago1 says:

    iv,e got three teenage daughters and i can,t keep enough food in the the house for them.

  31. JessicaCrossan says:

    I’m pregnant and would like to eat as healthy as I can for my little munchkin :)

  32. elkfordian says:

    Another awesome giveaway. We try to eat healthy and I make fresh juice daily.

  33. canefarm says:

    We love Whole Foods!   I wish we could afford it all the time, but winning this would certainly be a huge help.

  34. Judy Eddy says:

    I do my best to eat healthy. Wtg Whole foods !

  35. DemetriaJones says:

    we want to start eating healthier but we cannot afford it this would really help us

  36. CatherineFrankenfield says:


  37. I try to eat healthy, but since my husband lost his job, we have to buy what’s cheap.  We really could use this healthy gift from Whole Foods!

  38. MarieChamberlinLeclerc says:

    I love Whole Foods, such a nice selection of healthy foods:)

  39. We need food

  40. RosemarieDonnelly says:

    this is real nice just imagine if we win

  41. Love to win this…Perfect Summer gift for my entire family

  42. Please enter me to win…thank you

  43. Southerngirl4 says:

    As an athletic trainer and distance runner, my entire life depends on eating incredibly well! Whole Foods makes that possible!

  44. KathyMorgan says:

    Would love to win this food give away. Please enter me for this prize. Thanks and God bless.

  45. tnlibrarygal says:

    love whole foods!

  46. Evanglest Sheryl says:

    need to correct my name

  47. Evanglest Sheryl says:

    I love Whole Foods

  48. Evanglest Sheryl says:

    Would love to win a new suv I need a new car now!!!

  49. pamelatn49 says:

    I would love to win one of these too…but the entry form won’t let me fill in my birthdate…

  50. KarinFulton says:

    I <3 Whole Foods

  51. peanutshk says:

    I love Whole Foods!!

  52. Elisabeth S says:

    We adore whole foods! We have to drive 1.5 hours to get there, but we do! Fingers crossed. How do you keep coming up with these give away ideas? I Love them!

  53. I love this store

  54. dstegner1959 says:

    would love to win this……..love Whole Foods

  55. dstegner1959 says:

    would love to win this as it is getting harder to afford healthy quality food these days!

  56. Diane Baum says:

    Whole food rocks

  57. The yummy stuff… Sandwiches and the bakery

  58. DebraMontoya says:

    In this economy eating right can be expensive, this giveaway sure would help out. Thank you for a chance.

  59. Can use this prize, having trouble making ends meet.

  60. RosalieHamilton says:

    thanks Trish!!

  61. NaomiVought says:

    I would love this. I am a senior citizen and having a hard time making ends meet. Thank you.

  62. FrancesTolbert says:

    This would be awesome. Always wishing to be able to afford eating healthy as it is hard on a senior citizen budget.

  63. luv2cruise67 says:

    Thank you so very, very much Whole Mom for this great opportunity!!!

  64. Whole Foods is a great place for food, got to eat healthy when possible

  65. RosalieHamilton says:

    Thanks Trish!!

  66. CarolSpilmanMelodia says:

    Love whole foods!

  67. Sabrina Ellison says:

    I just entered this contest on facebook.  I would so love to win this!

  68. Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. ElizabethBaer says:

    I would love to win this! We have five children and try to have them eat well as much as possible. This would certainly help.

  70. JenniferJones124 says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed..

  71. debado6291 says:

    Cool never been there! Heard they are great!

  72. Pamela Hales says:

    So tired of running out of food. This would be fantastic!

  73. celticangel1970 says:

    I would love to win this it would be such a blessing

  74. JoseMCarrasco says:
  75. I’m hungry!

  76. Treasure Adams says:

    Ive never won anything, seriously. This would mean so much if I actually won.

  77. jmixson043 says:

    wouild be so wonderful just to win and not worry abuot groc for a couple or to get some nice stuff

  78. hope i win…

  79. john canning says:

    help out with some food money ssi sucks john

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