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The Visit Scotland offer is currently unavailable. Please check back later… thanks.

Enter to win a trip to Scotland with a week full of highlights! Win a week full of unique Scottish experiences for 2 people: stay in a castle, meet a Scottish Clan Chief, sample a wee dram at a distillery, visit Loch Ness and much more. Enter Now! 



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  1. pookie bear says:

    oh my i so would love to see scotland

  2. Would love to win the refrigerator my broke and I am unemployed with 2 lil kids and really could use a new one and its hard this time of year to get financial help from people….please consider me and my family thank-you
    Meghan Pinkerton

  3. I can never get any of the links to work that start with The woobox never works for me . Is there a program that I am missing?

  4. Rachel Bernhardt says:

    Meghan, by law, the winners of all these contests are chosen completely at random, like a lottery. Except contests in which contestants are being reviewed on some specific criteria – correctly answering test questions, submitting an essay, solving a puzzle, entering pet photos to be judged on cuteness, etc – no contestant has any identity. It’s unlikely that the people running these contests even know this comment page exists! I’m not trying to be mean, just telling it the way it is… I truly sympathize with you; I lost my house & almost all my possessions a few years ago when all the jobs in my department were cut; I haven’t been able to find a new job for 3 years and at age 50 I’m sleeping on my elderly mother’s couch. Her only income is social security, which is barely enough to pay her rent; we’ve both worked all our lives, and now we’re on food stamps. I’d love to take her on a trip to Scotland while she can still enjoy it, but it’s all in the luck of the draw…

  5. Is it just me or is that link broken?

  6. What a dream to visit Scotland…but the link won’t work for me!!!

  7. Link is broken =(

  8. Deseree Cundiff says:

    broken link. :/

  9. Here is working link to enter to win Scottish vacation: Good luck everyone!! :-)

  10. Lori McDowell says:

    I would love to win the ref. I am a grandmother of my 7 grandchildren, I am raiseing them all on my own, I am on SSI, the ref that I have now is small and kind of messed up, I have had my ref for a little over 10 years now and really could use a new one. Thank-you

  11. Diane Zawislak says:

    I would love to win this trip but can’t enter. Help!!

  12. Diane Zawislak says:

    Would love to win but can’t enter.

  13. HPPT 403 FORBIDDEN or in better words broken link

  14. Maria Halberstadt says:

    I have had the misfortune of obtaining broken links with this contest for the past several days. On the first day, ok, but with each passing day, the frustration builds as I wonder when the site management will correct the problems. I would dearly enjoy entering this contest in the hopes of possible luck, but so far, the luck appears to be missing.

  15. 403 error still

  16. Dinna Whitney says:

    Would make a wish come true

  17. To enter, please see Marybeth’s post at 10:55 am: Thanks, Marybeth!

  18. sharon maaske says:

    id like to see Scotland again!

  19. Joyce McDaniel says:

    Will not let me twitter or FB. Don’t know what is going on. My husband is Scotish and we would love to go. Merry Christmas everyone.

  20. It would be nice for my daughter to see the world.

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