HGTV Dream Home, 2015 GMC Yukon Denali and More!

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Enter now and get a chance to win the grand prize consisting of a home located in Truckee, California (the “HGTV Dream Home”) including home furnishings and merchandise (ARV: $1,760,000), social level membership at Schaffer’s Mill club (ARV: $2,400), $250,000 Cash (awarded in the form of a check or a wire transfer), and a 2015 GMC Yukon Denali automobile (ARV: $77,000). The total ARV of all prizes is $2,089,400. {US Only, 21+, Daily Entry, Ends February 14, 2014} Enter the HGTV Dream Home 2014 Giveaway here!

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  1. April Ambriz says:

    Praying for the chance to win this lovely home thank you

  2. Maey Hicks Wells says:

    never won anything in my life it would be a honor to win anything small or big have 4 kidds i hv rised all by myself i think i deserve it hopfully ill win something one day

    • How do you think you “deserve” to win this simply because you have raised four kids on your own?
      It’s called parenting and it was your own choice to have those kids. You are not deserving to win something simply because of you raised some rugrats. To use them as an excuse for your own selfishness is pathetic.
      Welcome to the real world where people raise their kids. It’s part of our life and it happens every day; nothing special.
      Your own ignorance and selfishness should be enough to disqualify you from the giveaway and I’m glad you didn’t win this.

  3. Misty Brosius says:

    This house would be so awesome to have for my family and elderly mother. As a family of seven our house we have now is all we can afford but just isn’t big enough.

  4. Tracey Bryant says:

    I won an iPad mini for Christmas come on new home. :)

  5. would love to get a new home for our family i hope i win.

  6. charlotte fair says:

    would love to win a new home my family really needs it

  7. Jessie McDavitt says:

    It would be a dream come true to win this

  8. This has been my dream for yrs. To have something so beautiful & to be able to call it my own. :)

  9. I have a story very much like everyone else’s, so I will be happy for whoever wins , seems so many are deserving! Good luck to us all!

  10. I am a widowed grandma who is just finished raising my grandson who is now 20 and have raised him since he was 6 due to deaths. It has been a pleasure and hard work. I would love to have a place to rest these tired old bones and leave to him when I am gone as winning this would be my only chance. I still will be thrilled for whoever wins this and has their dream come true.

    • Peekaboo Johnson says:

      I am a widowed, homeless mother of 12. I have one good leg and a nubby peg leg. I’m not sure I could use the stairs, maybe with a lift system of sort? If someone could please help me purchase a new eye patch that would be wonderful, I look pretty rough. Hope I win!

  11. Would love to win this!!!

  12. Who doesn’t need this home, rich and famous. Otherwise were all in the same boat, I don’t have a home. I’ve never had a home of my own, as I’m sure many others. So good luck to all of us who don’t already own a home !

  13. Jenny121482 says:

    What a beautiful home!

  14. Just entered sweeps for MY DREAM HOME!

  15. That’s so funny-my whole life I’ve always said I was going to retire in Truckee, CA! It’s an omen! LOL!

  16. I have truly never ever won a thing my entire life so this would truly be a dream come true in many ways.

  17. Melinda Noah says:

    I have a few more years before I could ever think about retirement. What a wonderful and fantastic way to enter the Golden Years! The entire family could visit when ever they wanted. What a blessing it would be…

  18. Behlestreet says:

    Well, it definitely would be a dream come true ! I was lucky enough to visit Truckee a few years ago, and it really is a beautiful, small city! I met a lot of nice people, and they couldn’t say enough about how wonderful it was to live there. So,” GOOD LUCK” to everyone!

  19. Sylvia Borrero says:

    Good luck to all! It would be a true blessing to win this home!

  20. Sidney Gustafson says:

    Someone will Win a Dream, good luck to all! :)

  21. Charlotte Castleman says:

    enter to win 2015 hgtv dream home gmc sweepstakes

  22. Would be blessed to be able to give this truck to my “deserving” husband!
    Pray we win!

  23. I have sent reminders and can’t locate the enter form for the HGTV 2015 home

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