Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator Sweepstakes

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Enter the French Door Refrigerator Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $3000 elfa organizational makeover package from The Container Store and a Frigidaire Gallery French Door Refrigerator! { US Only, Daily Entry, Ends July 10 } Enter Now! 

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  1. marg0006 says:

    WOWZA!!!!  My dream fridge. Would love to win it!

  2. desperately need one,our GE profile fridge died over a year ago,no money to fix or replace
    winning this would be an absolute blessing!

  3. 1JessicaD says:

    Thank you for sharing this/

  4. melindacas1 says:

    really need this my fridge is on the way out

  5. Judy Eddy says:

    Beautiful French Door Refrigerator, would look good in my kitchen ! Fingers crossed  :)

  6. JoAnnBrown says:

    Who wouldn’t want this gorgeous french door refrigerator.  Now that we are redoing the kitchen this would make a perfect addittion.

  7. Holly Haven says:

    This refrigerator would make such a huge difference in our kitchen!  I would be so proud to win!!!

  8. Mochine930 says:

    This French Door Fridge is a real beauty!! I think it would look fab in my kitchen 😉

  9. Kristi Minter says:

    My fridge is dying as we speak! I really could use one. Thanks for the post!!

  10. EllenPutittity says:

    omg I need a new fridge!! If I won it would be the nicest thing in my house…


  12. CarolNewsom says:

    I need a new fridge and this would be perfect!

  13. lifetime2gthr says:

    I would love a new fridge

  14. christag says:

    I don’t really need a new fridge, but the ELFA organization that comes with it, would be FAB for my laundry room.

  15. fridge is needed

  16. would love a new fridge as ours is almost 20

  17. barifromsd says:

    Wow. Thank you for the chance.

  18. sweeper431 says:

    This would be a great win!

  19. CarolSpilmanMelodia says:

    Makes me feel very French!

  20. If you knew how much I need this, you would donate it to me.  Thanks for this chance and wish me good luck in this drawing.

  21. SissiTreadway says:

    Thanx for the great Sweepstakes/givaways…..

  22. mayble73 says:

    So in need of a new Frig.!  Thanks for this awesome sweepstakes!

  23. I would love this new Fridge!

  24. Pat severa says:

    I could really use a new fridge thanks for the chance to win

  25. Would love to win this gorgeous fridge! Our fridge does not cool real well and the freezer does not keep food frozen. We are using the freezer as a fridge. Thanks for the chance of giveaway!

  26. 1stproudnanny says:

    I have a GE fridg that’s over 25 year’s old the thing is a tank thank God its still running ! My mother in law gave it to us we’ve used 19 year’, but its on it’s last leg. Shelves are broken, the door doesn’t close right. I have dreamed of owning a fridge that has an ice maker on the door and water too. I have never owned a new fridge and would be blown away to own a KITCHEN AID fridge.

  27. HeatherWiersmaCharity says:

    Family of five – could DEFINITELY use this!

  28. chocolaterose says:

    I need a new frig in the worst way.  Mine has no ice maker and is a single door frig.

  29. JudyJudithCoe says:

    I would Love to have this Beautiful Refrigerator by an Awesome Company!

  30. OMG I would love this refrigerator!! It is what I always wanted…Beautiful!!!

  31. RosemarieDonnelly says:

    my god this is a real nice French Door Refrigerator hope I win I could sure put it to good use

  32. DebraMontoya says:

    This French door refrigerator is beautiful. I want to win Whole Mom! please

  33. Ruby Pace says:

    I  sure do need this in my kitchen!!!

  34. AnneNelson says:

    Oh boy would this be an improvement in my kitchen!

  35. Tessalou says:

    Really need this for my kitchen..just not enough room in my freezer for anything.

  36. I really could use this refrigerator mine went out after my husband died my sister gave me hers and ice maker doesn’t work and leaks water…. And the light does not work anymore inside the refrigerator so it would be a blessing to get a new refrigerator

  37. DeikelDaley says:

    That is a great refrigerator, perfect for a big family….can wait to have one…love it

  38. Wow this is huge!  Thanks T.

  39. Marla Jones says:


  40. CalshondraWilliams says:

    OMG! This would be an awesome win. I just love this refrigerator and I have my fingers crossed. You have great giveaways!

  41. bcoker88 says:

    I would love to win this. My ref. Is really old. This is a great prize for someone. Thanks for all your giveaways.

  42. MistyMorgan1 says:

    reallly need a new fridge for our new home

  43. JULIE_CONN says:

    This fridge would be so great to have!  My family would love this.

  44. DonnaKimWright says:

    Love this fridge’ mine is too small!

  45. Diane Baum says:

    This fridge is wonderful-thank you for the chance

  46. anita vanvalkenburg says:

    refridge looks great and could really use it mine dont have much roomand like the style

  47. LindaSchiltz says:

    I could use this-need a refrigerator with an ice maker please.

  48. CathyHaynes says:

    I could really use this type of refrigerator/freezer. Thank you for the chance!

  49. Pamela Beemer says:

    Who ever wins will be blessed  I would love this! Thank you for the chance

  50. GayleBang says:

    This would sure be a great gift for my daughter

  51. RobinGarthwaite says:

    This would be great my fridge is old and who knows when it will quit. You have great giveaways.

  52. Debbie G says:

    Could really use a new refrigerator. This one is really nice. Thanks for the chance!

  53. ShirleyMattinglyWells says:

    a beautiful refrigerator!!!

  54. gracelina says:

    This is a fantastic fridge. Would so love to win!

  55. BonnieJohnsonNewman says:

    wow what a prize

  56. chocolaterose says:

    me please

  57. donhughes93307 says:

    would be nice to have that.

  58. Sure could use a new refrigerator…This is a great one.

  59. ThelmaRose says:

    Very nice prize.Would love to win it.

  60. Renee Parton says:

    I need one of these!

  61. KarinFulton says:

    I really ned a new fridge before my goes ca put for the last time. It is about 14 or 15 years old and breaks down .

  62. BarbaraBaxter says:

    hope I win, my fridg is about 35 yrs old, I sure could use a new one

  63. My fridge is on it’s last leg so I can totally agree with many when I say it would be great to win!!

  64. MariaUrena says:

    Could really use a new fridge!

  65. Kim Saviano says:

    Beautiful that’s the top of the line,my refrigerator is white,cheap and doesn’t keep items cold enough.Too bad it won’t let me enter.

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