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Amazon-Jeep-SweepstakesAwesome! Amazon’s first-ever Vehicle Giveaway! Enter to win a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (ARV. $45,531.00). { US Only, Single Entry, Ends Sept. 30, 2013 } Enter To Win!

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Chanya "Trish" Mitchell is a Whole Mom Blogger and mother of 2 boys and a girl. Trish divides her time between Ottawa, Canada and Chiangmai, Thailand. Trish is dedicated to a sustainable, attainable lifestyle.


  1. LaschanWhite says:

    Single mom of three boys, two of which live with me. I am diaable but live to help other when I can.

  2. Holy cow, this is a really cool Jeep!! I would love to win it!!! Does the fact that the contest ends on my birthday mean anything?? I guess only to me but, oh what a birthday present!!

    • ChristineCasner says:

      Mochine930 OMG That would be an awesome Bday gift!!!! I entered too but heck I am also hoping you win it for your special day my friend. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

  3. lemonspongepie says:

    I’d be the hottest grandma in town!

  4. RudineWhite says:

    Yeah baby, This is one nice ride!!!

  5. KathieNoyesBrave says:

    72 year old great gramma with a disabled son. My car getting so old and not sure I want to put any more money into it. Can’t afford anything else, even a cheapie so try to keep the old Chevy running.

  6. my daughter sure could use this – they need it

  7. DebbieTrotter says:

    I would love to win this for my husband. He’s been wanting one for so long. Would be a great 10 yr. Anniversary gift.

  8. FranFlockhart says:

    I want this for my daughter

  9. My husband would love this vehicle

  10. laurienemeth says:

    it would be wondering to win this..

  11. StormwolfMartin says:

    Raising 4 grandbabies we would look sooooo cool pulling up to headstart, or anywhere else, in this!

  12. would love to win this thanks for the chanec

  13. Waldo Weasel says:

    Back country here I come.

  14. I deliver meals on wheels to shut ins..and i have lots of country roads,would be great to have this for when the snow falls..

    • ChristineCasner says:

      mwilly1244  I had to comment and say a BIG THANK YOU!!!! Because of folks like you my Grandmother had to have meals on wheels and if it was not for folks like you she would have starved as she lived in another city 500 miles away I could not get to her but in her area they had meal on wheels. So thank you for taking the time out of your life and the heart to look after others. I applaud people like you. So again Thank you so much my friend and wishing you the BEST OF LUCK on this contest my friend. :O)

  15. determination says:

    pick me as the winner

  16. Would be a blessing for our family

  17. ChristineCasner says:

    I know my husband would love this but as I read others comments I see there are folks who need it more so GOOD LUCK to you all. :O)

  18. I would love to win a vehicle. I was in an accident on Oct. 31, 2012. Although my car was not totaled, I’ve had to have almost weekly repairs on one thing or another. And being a single mom, it’s hard to maintain a home, job, and keep the kids on their regular checkup schedule when you are worrying about if the car will either start or will overheat on the way there. Dear God, I need a new vehicle.

  19. Fifty and wanting to feel Twenty!! This will do the trick!!!

  20. CynMahoneyBoyle says:

    I need a car bad, my oldest took over mine for work….

  21. CarolynWhitleyArey says:

    A jeep would be wonderful in the winter especially on the days I have to drive my daughter to school.

  22. SherryLucasSchmidt says:

    I am an adventurer!  I want a jeep!!

  23. i need one, I want one

  24. Stellar Mojo says:

    My poor tin can on wheels is on it’s last leg. Be nice NOT to have to borrow a car or ask for rides to go to my doctors appt….plus I’ve never owned a brand new vehicle in my life…always had to buy used vehicles but even a used car’s out of reach for me currently so this would be wonderful…However If I’m not the winner, I hope one these nice ladies with true hardships & genuine need will win. Best of luck to everyone here!

  25. StormwolfMartin says:

    wow Stellar Mojo, that is a truly nice thing  to wish everyone luck.  I agree, someone will win, and it would be nice if its someone who can truly benefit from either the Jeep, or simply to have something awesome happen.  Everyone needs that sometime!


  27. CalshondraWilliams says:

    I lost my job and vehicle as well. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until now. I live where there’s no bus service only high price cabs. It has really been hard. I can’t make it to dt. appts. or hardly get around to the grocery store. This would be an awesome for me. I can go look for another job and get back on my feet. Thanks for the chance.

  28. lemonspongepie says:

    Had a Jeep about 25 yrs ago.  Would love to have one again.  Please?!

  29. I will take mine in the green color please. Dirt will not show as bad when I go mudding along the Red River of Tx/Oklahoma borders.

  30. I like the color but my fave is blue.  I will take it as IS.  I would love to win a Jeep to go out
    in the country.  Carrie10

  31. determination says:

    pick me as the winner of the jeep

  32. My daughter and I would love to get in some trouble with this. She is almost sixteen and all she talks about is a jeep. My Dad has a farm with a lot a mud she and I could get into.

  33. SweepstakesContest says:

    Since taking that direct hit to the head by lightning and the 6 resulting surgeries I have not seen anything new.

  34. If I don’t win anything soon it will be to late to enjoy it. I,m already older than the hills I,ll be climbing. My grandkids think I,m older than dirt.

  35. determination says:

    enter me to win the Jeep

    • ChristineCasner says:

      determination  Hello my friend from what I have been told is you have to enter yourself. If you go to where it says enter me below what your wanting to win a page comes up and you fill in your information. I thought they entered us too but nope that was not the case lol. I missed a few contests do to that. Good Luck my friend :O)

  36. JulieWinstead says:

    NEED this!!!! My Disabled Vet husband needs a pick me up since leaving the Army!!!

  37. PatriciaCreasy says:

    Cool prize!  Thanks for the entry!

  38. i was just in a car accident today, need a new car ty 4 entry

  39. RebeccaMoore says:

    We all deserve/need Jeeps!

  40. JacalynReilly says:

    Nice Jeep!

  41. determination says:

    choose to ein the Jeep

  42. determination says:

    let me win the JEEP

  43. I am a huge fan of JEEP.  I’ve had 4 in my lifetime.

  44. Thank you Amazon!

  45. We need a Jeep so my sister can get to work, and my mom can get to her doctors appointments, but we have very little income and can not afford a down payment and high monthly bills. Please help us win one for a needy family.

  46. determination says:

    Enter me to win the Jeep

  47. already have a place to park my new jeep!


  49. well with a car that the engine blew a month ago this would be a blessing!

  50. Sure would like to own this vehicle.  It is “the bomb” for sure.

  51. It would certainly BLOW me away if I won…

  52. determination says:

    let me win

  53. Sure would love to win.My grandson  has a beat up old jeep that stays in the shop more than out.

  54. Nice, very nice!!! Good luck everyone!!!

  55. determination says:

    enter me to win

  56. Good Luck !!!!

  57. DebbieTrotter says:

    Good LUCK TO all.

  58. thanks wonderful giveaway

  59. CarolynReilly says:

    Great giveaway!

  60. determination says:

    enter me to win the Jeep

  61. determination says:

    pick me as the winner of the Jeep

  62. Pick me I need a car/ truck to find a job and take my 9 month old to her Dr appointments. Thank you!

  63. OMG! How amazing it would be to win this for a family of five and counting!!

  64. LyndaPressey says:

    i would love to win i could use a new jeep

  65. determination says:

    choose me to win the JEEP

  66. sharongrand says:

    This grandmother would love this

  67. I would love this Jeep.  It would make the third own I have owned.  Much nicer than the Patriot I have now!

  68. Need car/truck bad!!!!!

  69. determination says:

    pick me to win the Jeep

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