2014 Jeep Cherokee

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Enter the Jeep Seek an Adventure Sweepstakes for a chance to win an All-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude 4×4, valued at $30,000 and a $9,000 check to help offset, but not eliminate, the taxes imposed on the acceptance of the prize. Total ARV: $39,000 {US Only, No AK & HI, Single Entry, Ends January 26, 2014, Facebook Only} Enter now!

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  1. Carol A Banks says:

    Wow would love to own a red one!!

  2. Nanette Helmuth says:

    I need a new vehicle. This one would be perfect! I hope I win!

  3. She Talks Like She Has One But Wants All Colors. But As For Me I Need A Vehicle My Kids And I Are Tired Of Bus N Taxi The Money We Use There Can Be Used In A Vehicle Gas. I Am Tired Of My Kids Missing School Cause I Can Not Take Them Out For There Appointments And Doing Laundry We Take Taxi And They Take For Ever To Come Cause Its Not Alot Of Money For Them. Tired Mom

  4. Well, tired Mom, if I win, I will trade it in on two good used cars one for you and me!

  5. I don’t know where you live, but it would totally suck not to have a car where I live…my car is 10 yrs old and slowly falling apart….so although I do have one now don’t know for how long and can’t afford the upkeep!

  6. Love the color red. Would really love to win a jeep like this. Always dreamed of having transportation like this but could never afford one. Good luck to all. Happy holidays to everyone.

  7. Yes, I would like to win this vehicle myself. It would make a significant difference. I have online classes and I don’t have a computer, so I walk an 1/2 hour to and from the library in order to complete my work. In the rain or frigid snow I’m out there in the elements trying to make it happen for me and I just turned 50 years old!

  8. I spent over 30 min and did not see a single jeep. waste of time

  9. Cynthia Hagood says:

    must have this Jeep, it is on my bucket list…..

  10. I found both jeep but it will not give me credit; it keeps resetting itself, HELP!!! I want to get my entry in before deadline.

  11. Erwin Gundrum says:

    love to win the 2014 Jeep for my son

  12. A real nice green color would suit me but, prize winners can’t be choosets! :-)

  13. But, it won’t allow me to enter!


  15. wendy spencer says:

    I love it but it wont let me enter

  16. wow…those were really hard to find!

  17. The winter storm season is heading my way and I could really use a vehicle, the Jeep, to get me safely to my Winter destinations!

  18. Joann Maxwell says:

    This would be a beautiful vehicle to go to Lake Tahoe & play in the snow..My car is not made for the snow..

  19. Ismael Gonzalez says:

    thank you if i win.

  20. I found both Jeeps but it doesn’t seem to register after I submit the forms. I put a message in comments to Jeep hoping to get an answer on whether or not the entry was registered.

  21. Glenda Hurst says:

    I can not find the Jeep in the first one, and if I did I don’t see where you say where you found it? Also how do you get to the second scene? Very confusing. Can someone tell me how you say where you think it is? Thank you.

  22. Luz ferguson says:

    The Jeep has to be mine! It will help with my stress.

  23. can’t enter sweepstake ????

  24. Jodi Fridson says:

    Would love to win one!

  25. I just totaled my car, so it would be a God-send to win one, any car!

  26. Sandra Mason says:

    My transmission went out in my truck.. I had a 1989 jeep cherokee, 4.0 liter famous for blowing their rear seals.. Would love to have another.. Loved that truck..

  27. scott david finger says:

    Can’t truly tell any one how bad we need a vehicle are old car has its last legs I can’t enter through facebook the page loads as a missing page can ome one send me something I can enter through please [email protected] I am so tired of staying at home my handicape ramp is busted so I can’t get off the front porch and when I do get off the porch my electric chair won’t fit in are small car boy that jeep looks beautiful we have always taken care of are vehicles but age is againt us thanks and merry christmas happy new year I really need to enter can some one help me here thanks again I will check my email for help thanks

  28. scott david finger says:

    Are car is dangerous broken windshield broken windows and bad seat belts wife just got acwarning for the windshield radiator is ready to burst a friend used jb weld on it I don’t see it lasting long car sits to low to get in with braces your like a stiff prezel trying to get in and sit there boy this would be a americal for sure good luck to every one wish you get the jeep even no we need it more then I can explain but its all random any way but peoples storys are interesting and sad its depressing I no


  30. Single ma with nerve damage would help me get to the Doctor’s easier.

  31. Karen Lawrence says:

    We could really use this Jeep, our truck is over 16 years and broke.
    I’m not sure we have the money to fix it and need it go any place.
    This would be the perfect gift, we could ask exept money.
    I have seizures, and numerous other health problems, which
    require me to go the Dr. often. We both had cancer, and
    hope we beat it, to win would be dream & Christmas miracle also.

  32. Shelia Foster says:

    I would love to win this Jeep. My son is just turning 17 years old and want to have a car. He tried to get work this summer, close to our home,but had no luck. There were jobs further out.but do to my disability driving far was out of the question. So if I win this car, this would be a BIG help. My son getting a job would help us financially. I thank God for my disability check, but money is so tight right now.

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