2013 Victory Motorcycle

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Enter now for your chance to win a 2013 Victory Motorcycle customized by Arlen Ness Enterprises, with an approximate value of $35,000. {US Only, 18+, Single Entry, Ends February 28, 2014} Enter the Allstate Cross Country Motorcycle Sweepstakes now!

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  1. clifton hinesley says:

    I have not had a bike since the 80s and would love to have one now but we are having difficult times since my accident in 2012 cause by someone else but i am a lot better now and would love to win.

  2. teresa marks says:

    after getting a divorce after almost 28 years of marriage and starting life over i sure would love to win this bike.

  3. Oscar Glass says:

    Wanting to LIVE again

  4. Can hardly wait to hit the road !!

  5. patricia bishop assanowicz says:

    lost for words, I have a lot of respect for the ones that can build beauties like this, to me there is a lot more than just putting pieces together, this 2013 Victory customized by Arlen Ness shows quality work, if I won this I would have my husband come outside and open the garage door and “Surprise Honey” holding on to him to he does not fall, thank you for this chance that is more than winning, ride on

  6. I have a 1970 TriumphTR6C. Purrs like a kitten. Great bike! Thank-you for a contest to try and win this AWESOME bike. I’d love to have it! The Triumph would have a “stall mate.” :-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  7. Karen Butler says:

    OH MY GOSH! I LOVE TO RIDE! Had to sell my last bike 8 years ago because of financial reasons. This would be a dream come true! It would NEVER leave me :) Completely awesome and beautiful!

  8. I have to trade it in for a three wheel bike disable

  9. shadow11990 says:

    i Just started entering sweepstakes, but it is utterly amazing how many people try to play the sympathy card to win something. WE ALL HAVE PROBLEMS some more than others, Ive got problems that would put some of yours to shame but I don’t go on every web site to tell the people who are giving away something how bad we all need things just to hope they give the stuff to us. Its shameful what some of you do to try to get something for free!!!!!

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