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Enter now for a chance to win $100,000 cash! {US Only, 13+, Daily Entry, Ends January 31, 2014} Enter to win!

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  1. you know what i could do with 50 gee’s alot for me and my son

  2. Cynthia Elrod says:


  3. thelma roland says:

    could help daughter catch up on her billsshe hasnt been able to work since july after back surgery,and her 3 son pay his bills since he lost his job and his 4 children.

  4. Bonnie Pagliaro says:

    $100,000 would be such a life changer, a true blessing.

  5. I have 5 kids and 8 garndkids.I have a beater car after I am unable to work as a nurse after 25 years ,discovering I have a genetic condition that my lymph system in my legs is failing. I went back for college classes and my son is at college trying to make ends meet as he is in college to follow his dream to be a doctor! I could help him and everyone with this money!

  6. Laurie Nemeth says:

    Would just love to win… Thank you so much!!~~~

  7. I could really use the 100 000 dollars to build a new house for my husband he is real sick and don’t get any better he needs a cleaning home to live free of dust I thank you very much hope I win

  8. Absolutely would be a blessing to win this. I have been trying so long to win needed money .Thank You

  9. Would make everything just right.

  10. This would be a great blessing for my family.
    Thanks 4 the opportunity 2 win!!!!!!!!!

  11. Paul Albarado says:

    that’s a lots of bucks

  12. Single mama, have a 13yr old daughter. I have been struggling for over a year now. Had a bad attack of the shingles to where it paralyzed my left arm and now I can’t work because lack of use of my left arm. With Christmas coming up winning this money would help out me and my child a lot. Plus, I don’t have a vehicle. Thank you.

  13. Tomara Thompson says:

    I havent seen any family since 2008 due to the recession and living 2,000 miles away.
    Ive spent the last 5 years on Holidays alone and i really could use some happiness right now.

  14. Germaine Harrison says:

    Oh my gosh,winning this contest would mean the world to me.

  15. Patricia Creasy says:

    I could payoff all my bills and help my daughter and my grand children live a better life! Thanks for the entry!

  16. David Piwowarczyk says:

    let the $100,000 cash be mine as the winner

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