$10,000 and Weekly Cash Prizes

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Enter for your chance to win a Grand Prize of $10,000 and weekly cash prizes. Enter Now!

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  1. Bahjet Yousif says:

    With my best wishes for all

  2. speak my mind, well then ok. Sweeping is becoming a pain in the ass. It use to be name and email addr. then more info and now even more info and having to post to facebook. I know i know, that facebook has taken over the world and now our lives but it is so time consuming. So many hoops to jump through just to get entered in a contest.

  3. David Kline says:

    I just treat it like anything else, it doesn’t have to have a goal, it is meditative. I use a free autofill type app. that works pretty well filling in all forms within seconds. Just have to do the captcha and sometimes email or names. I have won a lot of little things, snowboard, room heater, clothes, gift cards, but no huge prizes. Sometimes I go to GoodReads.com just to enter for books, which they give out a lot of, and I seem to win frequently, when I haven’t won in a while.

  4. Kathy Mullins says:

    This one looks like a phishing scam, I would steer away from it!

  5. Looks like a telemarketers sweep..er scam!!!

  6. Kathy Mullins says:

    Actually, if you keep skipping skipping and skipping you can get to the entry. I refused to answer “yes” to any of the nosy personal questions about car ownership etc.

  7. moasheena Lucas says:

    When I try to get something for free it turns in to a all day event. Then I never know if I am going to see the item or items I am going to get.

  8. My security system on the pc won’t let me stay on the site . It says the site is high risk. One thing now is to enter a sweeps, you have to allow the company access to your Facebook account. I won’t do it!

  9. barbara malone says:

    I Would love to be enter in the sweeps,state thank you.

  10. Elaine Evans says:

    I do not like to “Share” does one need it to be registered?

  11. Bless the companies that don’t require FACEBOOK to enter! and when, if ever, will Califonia permit it’s residents to enter contests/sweeps that are sponsored by companies selling alcohol???

  12. sharon maaske says:

    I agree best wishes

  13. Patricia Grandquest says:

    If I wanted to write a bio, I would do so. Your site just questions and questions. It must be a scam.

  14. I must have went to the wrong pages, looks like a bunch of whiners here.

  15. Patricia Creasy says:

    Would be nice for Christmas! THanks for the entry!

  16. I’ve tried to enter this sweeps, but my pc security system puts a message across my screen “high risk site” because of virus and certificate

  17. For everyone complaining how much “work”it is to enter these sweepstakes-then don’t do it! No one says you have to! And seriously, if you’re spending 10 hours a day entering sweepstakes…well, you do need to get a life…or a job. Or do volunteer work. You are wasting your life. Sorry. I just had to “speak my mind”.

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