A Mother Is In Jail For Letting Her Daughter Play in the Park

A North Carolina Mother is in jail for letting her daughter play outside. CNN reports that Debra Harrell, 46, was arrested last week for letting her nine-year-old daughter play in a park unattended while Harrell worked at a nearby McDonald’s. Harrell has been charged with unlawful conduct towards a … Read more

Portrait of Caucasian boy and mixed race girl in pool

The Online Trend That Has Me Perplexed

I’m perplexed about a growing trend, and, though we have discussed it before, I am going to do so again, because I think it’s worth the trouble. Here’s what I am perplexed about: a lot of women seem to be very eager to post naked pictures of their children – mainly their little girls - online. I … Read more

Little boy kneeling on the floor reading

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Child Sit This Way

Does your child sit in the "W" position? That is kneeling with knees in and feet splayed out to the sides? If so, you should apparently put a stop to it. I came across this post on Yummy Mummy Club and thought the information worth sharing. Chiropractor Stephanie Galanis writes that, "It is … Read more


Sting Won’t Leave Any of his $320 Million to His Kids

Rock star Sting won't be leaving his kids any money. The singer, who once fronted the Police before going solo in the 1980s, has amassed a fortune worth over $300 million, but his six children won't see any of it when he dies. Sting, 62, told the Mail on Sunday Event magazine that he expects … Read more

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  • Portrait of Caucasian boy and mixed race girl in pool
  • Little boy kneeling on the floor reading
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Photographer Discovers Treasure Trove of 50-Year-Old Images of Mothers and Children


83-year-old photographer finds beautiful old pictures. Read The Whole Story!

“The Other Man” Shows Dad Coming to Terms with The New Man In His Wife’s Life


Sometimes a new son feels like another man in your love’s life. Watch The Whole Video!

Kids Say The Creepiest Things


This list of spooky/terrifying things children have said will keep you up at night. Read The Whole Story!

Baby Monkey Finds Love With Jack Russell Puppies


Rescued endangered monkey was rejected by mother. Watch The Whole Video!

Dad Explains His Decision to Let His Son Wear Dresses


Seth Menachem’s wants to wear dresses, so why no? Watch The Whole Video!

Awesome Dad Does The Cowboy Twerk For Daughter


I’m home from work! Let’s dance! Watch The Whole Video.

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Banana Smoothie

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Two-Year-Old Amputee Takes First Steps. Says “I Got It”


Don’t worry. He’s got it. Watch The Whole Video!

Dress For Your Shape, & How to Get a Bikini Body


Follow these instructions and you’ll always feel fantastic. Read The Whole Story!

Girl Supports Friend With Cancer, Gets Kicked Out Of School


Kamryn Renfro shaved her head and was in violation of the school “dress code.” Read The Whole Story!

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Bed Sharing Big Risk for SIDS Says New Study

Delighted young mother taking care of her adorable babyResearch confirms risks of co-sleeping. Read The Whole Story.

The Trick That Could Save Children From Dying in Hot Cars


Use this simple trick so you won’t forget your child in a car. Watch The Whole Video!

Ad Campaign Inspired By Harassment of Women Breastfeeding In Public

breastfeeding_toilet_4Ad campaign asks “Would You Eat Here?” Get The Whole Story!


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