Three Parenting Clichés That Turned Out To Be Shockingly True

They say that every cliché is rooted in truth. I don’t know if that’s really the case. But of the many clichés about parenting, here are three that turned out to be so true it’s shocking. I doubted the veracity of these statements, made to me by many a parent before and right after I had my … Read more

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6 Second Graders. 5 Waiters. 7 Courses. Then This Happens.

A few weeks ago The New York Times sent six second graders to a fancy shmancy French restaurant. Once seated, they were treated to a $220 seven course meal. Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Blitz captured the children's reactions in this sublime video. And they are priceless! … Read more


Did The Pilgrims Eat Cupcakes?

In September 1620, more than a hundred people boarded the Mayflower and set sail for the New World. They eventually landed at Plymouth Harbour where they created a permanent settlement. They came to be known as Pilgrims. And NO, they didn't eat cupcakes. Corn Bread, sure...but no cupcakes. We … Read more


Imagine Sleeping In A Giant Bird’s Nest

This Giant Bird's Nest/Couch/Bed is the brainchild of two designers from OGE creative group, Merav Salush Eitan and Gaston Zahr.  The wooden nest is created from endless pieces of wooden panels. The inside features a slanted foam-padded wodden backwall covered with cotton-lycra fabric. The wooden … Read more

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